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Saw the immunologist. Nice guy. I mean, a doctor that will say, “Can you guys hang around while I see these other people because I want to get a real detailed history” is okay in my book.

Because I wouldn’t trust anyone who’d be able to pull an answer out of their posteriors at first glance, I am encouraged that we still don’t know much, and that we’re rephrasing the questions. I have a dumb immune system. Is it dumb in the way we were thinking? Is it dumb to one or two core things and then it rolls downhill? Damned if I know. If these test come back with something less than normal, we will have a little more clue (but mostly we’re falling into the “umbrella for a spectrum” area then… I don’t care. If it’s an umbrella that they are able and willing to deal with, that’s all that matters).

In the very real event they do come back normal (incidentally, I think this is the same test they would have done if they’d worked the thymus up beyond “cancer” and “not cancer”) I get to wait for it to really balloon again, and then I need to call him. Because many things you really can only get a read on when it’s full swing. But he’s there, and is willing to follow as we go — and I hate the idea of waiting for the next one, it helps to know there’s someone with an immune system background watching on as well.

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