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Last Friday they sprung me from the ICU. Here’s what we now know: my thymus was enlarged (hyperplasia) as opposed to sporting a tumor. First glance looked very much not cancerous, so it’s off for testing this week. I should hear on Thursday, when I see the surgeon to have the stitches removed.

Hyperplasia means there’s a damn good chance we’ll be able to pin this trouble on some kind of autoimmune process. I know that as much as I adore my endocrinologist, I’m going to have to get one within my GP’s network. The whole diabetes insipidus thing confused the living daylights out of the “normal” nurses, scared the living crap out of the anesthesiologists and surgical nurses and ended up ultimately getting me acquainted with an endocrinologist at the hospital. It’s more than a little surreal, though… I mean, I know she was being diligent about making sure this wasn’t a complication, and I’m sure she was really curious to see the woman with DI and no good reason for it. Except… it started to be like Frank the Bunny in Donnie Darko. Every time I looked up in the ICU, here was this mysterious endocrinologist.

They marked me for surgery (which I thought would be illustrating where to cut — it ended up being the surgeon joyfully scrawling his initials on my shoulder in blue marker) and in about three hours it was over. Drainage tube was more unpleasant than I could have possibly imagined (the catheter wasn’t, at least). They attempted to give me an arterial blood pressure monitor while I was still conscious, but the good news was the nurse realized I was about to pass out before I did. The incisions don’t hurt much, but believe me, whatever this is is really ticked off we went in after it…

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