Want an Update?

I sorta don’t have one. Hey now!

The immunologist I wanted to see is no longer seeing patients, so I was plopped in with someone I saw previously — once. He’s… Well, truthfully, for a much older guy I was surprised (back then) how empathetic he was. And there was a lot less to go on then.  I am pretty ambivalent, honestly — but really outside the community hospital it comes down to picking a name out of a book, and that makes known ambivalence a preferred course, I guess. Because it’s clear the community network of specialists isn’t really the way to go.  It’s also a lot longer wait to get in in the community.

I haven’t heard on any labs (including the X-ray of the fabled kneelings)… which could mean they’ve all come back negative, which wouldn’t be a surprise at this point, or they’re not back yet, which would probably be a better scenario for figuring things out.

I have been trying to write, with some success. Mostly, though, it’d be cool if this’d just like…. get itself behind me.

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