I Think I Did This Right

I made the right call. Truthfully, every last doctor in this area goes through the practice I just left and says that it’s a bureaucratic nightmare. That was my problem. My doctors have the hard part. The paperwork (or faxing and email thereof) should not be the hard part.

I love my old new GP. I still do. I said to her that experience — loads or not — is meaningless in my case because… I’m what I am. And at the very least, she knows me.

There is something wrong. It’s obviously systemic, it is (or was) autoimmune in some stage, and it’s not going to go away.  I am getting my follow up chest CT (just to check on the lungling), a knee x-ray (to check on the kneelings that are growing) and a mammogram, because glow in the dark boobs are awesome.

I had lovely blood draw last night, and I get to wait to hear that probably everything’s disturbingly normal, even though my face was bright red, my hands, feet and legs were blue, and I had various swelling bits.

But this is starting to be such the same animal every last time… The context is really important, and a GP who knows and has seen the thing go down…. And is ready to put this behind her too (in a positive way) is a good thing.

Let’s just hope momentum swings in my favor.

Or even for a logical given the signs lab report — but I kind of stopped counting on those ages ago.

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4 Responses to I Think I Did This Right

  1. Fla. Anex says:

    I just want to know how many “regular guys” you have to see before my guy HOUSE gets your case?

    Caroline (Odie and MOM of course!)

  2. shoe says:

    See, very afraid it’ll get to that point… House only gets called in (just like those Mystery Diagnosis shows I can’t watch anymore) when the sick person is two seconds away from death. But I don’t want to be two seconds from shedding my mortal coil till I really only have two seconds left to live. (Then again, maybe I’ll get a few extra months of “life”, because I’m not so sure they could figure out if I was dead or faking it… I think I know a few med schools that really need to refund some doctor’s families the tuition they paid out.)

    Love you all… :)

  3. Fla. Anex says:

    …But in my fantasy House stops popping those ‘vitamins’ so frequently and that thought process of his just soars. I always see the glass half full and I seem to tune in when the guy’s blood won’t clot and House discovers that Mr. Magoo did not notice he was taking extra strength aspirin and not baby aspirin…2 at bedtime. The tremendous belly ache gave it away.

    I am trying to follow your lead and look at this as some sort of screen play, novel (in the works)…
    anything but real life for GOSH SAKES!

  4. shoe says:

    Man, Caroline… I seriously love you. :) Because it takes a way cool person to recognize House would be a much happier, helpful and productive person if he let *another* medical professional oversee his own personal prescription bank.

    I think it helps me to keep in mind no matter what happens — my case just isn’t that damned unusual. Okay, it’s not strep throat or a yeast infection, but we’re looking at stuff now that… Well, if I’m like most people with stuff like this, my day should be arriving sooner than later. (The other kicker is that it’s in that category of disorders with overlaps and crossovers and mixed stuff — if they’re all dealt with the same way basically and I know what to keep an eye on, I can seriously very gladly deal with that).

    Okay, not *very* gladly… I’ll grumble. But no apologies on that front — I’ll still deal. :)

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