Second Verse…

I just went to see my sleep doctor. This is the time of year when what ever this is flares up, and my sleep doctor has doctors in training come through.  I could tell halfway through this poor guy this time was just feeling useless… I think he at least had the sense to realize and be happy he had a fallback in my sleep doctor.

He suggested the… well… obvious. I don’t sleep well at night, and then I am tired, and it’s all circular. See, drug induced sleep and wakefulness aren’t natural, they aren’t like when it just happens. God help me, I know. I know. I don’t want it to be this way, I don’t think it has to be this way, and I think pulling back on that stuff right now will ultimately end up making it harder for me to make sense at appointments (or make it to them at all) and they’re only a small part of a much bigger issue. It’s just easy for everyone to take shots at that because that’s all that’s being done.

The regular sleep doctor did indeed back me up on this.

I have an appointment with my former GP tonight. As in, the one I had this time last year. I like her. I feel for her. I really do.  I just hope we can figure something out, finally.

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