Brace yourselves

Almost a year since we last spoke, Mr. Blog. I at least kept the  WordPress installation up to date.

So, uh, yeah. Last year: good news was there is no need to do a craniotomy. Bad news is they can’t fix me. So that was a shocker. Not.

Good news is that the calcifications in my boob probably aren’t an indication of cancer, but they didn’t get them all during the biopsy,  so I see them next month for the repeat screen.

Bad news was that Lola’s very sudden limp was indeed mammary cancer. It was aggressive. It was fast. It was shocking as up until two days before the first biopsy procedure she was so healthy. She didn’t recover from the second surgery to try and keep the biopsy site closed. I also think I will never not burst into tears when I see a Boston Terrier.

We adopted a Boston/Chihuahua mix (a Bohuahua) and renamed him Eddie. He is awesome, and just as good with Penny. His first mom had to give him up for health reasons (hers, not his) and it’s just so nice to know (and it’s so obvious) how loved he was. He is a sweet, sunny boy.

It’s funny because we adopted him for my health reasons. I walk stupid, and it’s getting stupider.  But I should walk, I like to, and I like to really early in the morning.  I do better that way. So I kinda wanted a buddy who was a walker and who was large (and despite the mix, he is larger than Lola in both height and weight… and Lola, as the emergency vet tech said, “is solid and half pony or something.”) Eddie isn’t a morning pup, but I think seeing more rabbits as spring comes might change his mind.

I am seeing a neurologist about the disequilibrium and wobbliness. Doing more balance tests… he’s suspicious the whole picture is a genetic thing… from sleep disorders to tumor growth. Also, can’t do a whole lot about that, but being able to chalk this crap in large part up to something that is documented on imaging and stuff would be nice, because truthfully I feel like I have no right to feel the way I do.

And I do.

Also have a very wonderful friend-  she worked at Dana Farber, she yelled at zoo going adults who told lies about the animals to children, she was never too sick or tired for a poop joke or two, and she too loved the Hood blimp -who is so sadly leaving us way too prematurely.  She’d also like that my tablet suggested “ejaculation” before I even completed typing “premature.”

Her name is LimeyG. Seriously, that is her real name, but when she came to the US they said she had to give a proper name so she chose “Carolyn Grantham.” Sounds suspicious to me, but hey.

I am so happy I got to know her and that we became friends, although it sucks giant monkey balls that the main reason that happened is because our health situations are lame. We still got to meet in person, just a couple weeks ago, because… because. Love doesn’t need no reason, son.

Whatever’s up next,  Carolyn…  please tell them Korrak sent you. Seriously,  lady, you’ve made so many difficult things so much easier, and I hope I did the same once or twice. Or more than that. You give em hell. I’ll continue to do the same in this dimension.  Thank you.

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