Well, There's Good News, And…


So, well, first the extraneous stuff. My dad was kicking serious ass after his quadruple bypass, but because my dad is… well, part of my family, his blood pressure wouldn’t come down. Except when he was exercising (yes, we’re all busted. Fine.) So the doctor prescribed a teeny dose of an additional, very benign and gentle blood pressure medication — I think he must have had cause for concern, cause he seemed to put the fear of god about it in my mom.

My dad had a seizure a couple days before New Year’s Eve.  He didn’t have any cranial bleeding, and hasn’t had another since that time. That’s a good thing. That medication was stopped. Ahem. But you don’t know till you try. And he’s still kicking my mom’s ass on the Wii.

I am having an easier time with vertigo… but only because my head seems to have stuffed up. Actually, it’s so disturbingly back in the same way it was this time last year I want to scream. I am very glad I had the beta blocker upped, though, because at least it keeps the freakin’ tachycardia at bay. Well, mostly.

But because my hands are killing me (and my knees are deformed… it’s actually really gross)… This’ll be short. I am hopeful (how bad does this sound) that blood tests next week’ll make the right people look at things properly. I don’t think I can afford another year of waiting… I had a follow up with the freakin’ awesome endocrinologist, who took my blood pressure and looked at my mouth and said, “Get your blood drawn, but nothing says that you’re out of whack, and I’m going to increase the desmopressin to three times a day.”

Serum sodium was a little low. Obvious thing would be I am drinking too much water… but I could tell when the endocrinologist called he wasn’t convinced that was it (it was low enough to be remarkable, but it also should have shown in my vitals at that low a level).  He said to please go ahead and take the extra dose of desmopressin, but be careful as I wouldn’t want to throw it off more accidently.

I just have to pull through till next Thursday. And hope against all odds that finally blood tests’ll be revealing, because I’m seriously getting deformed (and zombie colored, which is only cool for party tricks)… Because even if my bones are jabbing out of my skin, an X-ray is needed to confirm that it’s not a damned illusion, it seems.

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