In Case You Wondered

We did not float out to sea. I thought something yesterday, however, that I never would have dreamed I’d have reason to think, especially living in Boston:

The annoying loud sounds of these sustained 60mph winds from this hurricane sound a lot like the annoying loud noise that earthquake two weeks ago made…

The hurricane was less annoying sounding, because there was at least a wind like crescendo to it… the earthquake rumble and noise was worse because I thought for a minute, “Who the hell broke the wind?”

Oh god. What did I just say? That was unintentional. HA!

Our house came through just lovely. The lights flickered a bit, but we didn’t lose power. Lots of trees came down (I have lived in the woods during good wind and ice storms, and I haven’t heard this many trees coming down. I didn’t think there were this many trees in the area). None came down on our house or car or fence, although we have neighbors just a few doors down in all directions who were not so lucky.

It rained. A lot. It’s actually still pretty soggy and I should clean the storm drain but I don’t think I have the strength to lift the shovel and I don’t think we have any leaf bags, so it’s kind of… well, pointless to try, dump the half the debris on the sidewalk (on Halloween, no less) and then have it just plop back in anyway.

Oh… the coyote in our yard… Yeah. They had to dispatch him. I had to laugh because the city saw the need to define dispatch. Then, the next night, we ordered pizza from Dominoes (no, you jackwads, coyote wasn’t a topping), and the local branch called to let us know that our driver had been dispatched. I was wondering how on earth we were going to get our damned pizza then… But evidently, it also means “out for delivery.”

Think about it… our pizza left its maker so we could eat it, technically then, meeting its maker as well. We didn’t eat the driver. We merely tipped him. I suppose he righted himself, as I didn’t see him stuck in the storm drain.

I thought I’d throw these wonderously deep thoughts out there, in case you were curious as to whether we’d fallen into the Atlantic.

Thankfully, no… And while I am so very glad I am not in New York City or the New Jersey coastline, some of the photos coming out of there — not the stupid ass Photoshopped ones (incidentally, one of the shark photos at least is real… it just is a few years old) — are just lovely in a creepy way. I love the flooded parking lot of yellow cabs. I mean, it sucks, of course, but man…

Still, it was pretty wild here for a good twenty four hours (and we had a screamer of a thunderstorm last night, a full day after the fact) and I’m pretty sure this is about as close to that sort of action as I would ever want to be.

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