I Visit Once a Month

Hehehehe. This is why you can’t take me anywhere.

So… run down of the past month. We were invaded by Germany.

So today we were invaded by Germany

Yeah, and so that happened.

Then, I was taking Lola out because she smelled funny (as is the case often enough), and I was like… Damn, who has their honking huge dog off a lea– Oh.

Wipe my glasses off. Wiggle my limbs, make sure I’m not having a stroke or something. Nope. It was a coyote.

Of course, they are all over the area. We had seen one a few days before at the site of the German invasion, even. (That one looked less bedraggled). But they don’t quite come this close in to our area because… well, it’s a littleĀ too built up. Unless…

The coyote started to walk. He’s been in the area about a week, with multiple sightings. He is commonly referred to as the tripod. He’s got a limp. It didn’t seem to be slowing him down much, and I expect he probably is doing a lot better here than some of his able bodied friends in the marsh (which I suppose is where he crawled away from), but as the animal control officer said (yeah, I called. Felt like a doof, but I figured at the very least this might be one of those things that they want statistical information on) they tend to either come out here in these parts because they’re lost, there is something amiss in their more appropriate home range, or they’re coming out because they’re injured and going to kick it.

At that point, the obvious question was (well, to me… I didn’t think he was going to put down traps or ridiculous shit that people seem to think animal control does, and the injured beastie was no longer here so he couldn’t get hold of it anyway) if he should turn up dead behind our shed, what should we do with him? I mean, they say you should just bag and set squirrels and raccoons on the curb. The coyote would be a bit large for that sort of thing. I guess they do pick those sorts of things up.

I haven’t seen it since, but it’s been getting around. I actually think it’s kinda cool and I’m rooting for it. I don’t let the dogs out off leash and while the coyote is limping, it sure didn’t seem different behaviorwise from when I saw him to the last reported sighting, and I’m pretty sure that if it had something you’d need to worry about (like rabies) it’d start to be evident.

Remember our rabid chipmunk? So sure that thing was rabid. It was terrifying. This coyote sighting was weird, but not horribly scary. That chipmunk scared the living crap out of me.

In other news… Got to go to Dana Farber and have some scans done. So I still have a gaggle of lung nodules that are small, but they look innocent and unassuming. No one feels that biopsies there would be informative. (I am glad of this. They are in a location that the normal bronchoscopy would not reach, so it would mean an incision through my chest… if they aren’t looking suspicious, leave them. Even if there are more non suspicious ones. Last chest spelunking was horribly unpleasant and I trust their judgement on this.) So okay. And my abdomen and pelvis don’t look like they’re harboring great surprises. Also good… I mean, not good because I still feel horrendous, but I’m also not surprised that nothing is visible. I think there will be sooner or later, but the fact that it is still being slow about it all is also… well, it is actually a good thing, even if fundamentally it sucks.

I told Dr. J I tried the Robitussin DM but it was sorta useless. He prescribed some other stuff (tessalon, it is) and said to take it with the Robitussin. Because I obviously got my medical degree on the side, I said screw that and just took the tessalon. It was a little helpful. I figured the Robitussin was mainly to help clear out any lung frick that was possibly settling (and I have no reason to believe there is phlegmy crud settling).

But then I started to feel a bit drippy in the nose (the wind was blowing all sorts of leaf litter around) so I thought just to be safe I’d take it, you know, the way the doctor intended it to be taken.

Wow. I have no idea why, as I have no mucus in my lungs, but for whatever reason, when I take those two things together, my cough improvesĀ massively. I still have it, but it definitely is a less violent, nasty, spasmy, ongoing event when it happens. So that’s something, I guess. Because the cough was beginning to get embarrassing. Hey, everyone, no, not contagious… No, not making a rude subliminal social commentary on your a) smoking habit b) car c) perfume (but please, do us all a favor and just use soap regularly, all right?)

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