I Suck at Updates

I guess we all knew that. Shrug.

So, when we last left me, I was coughing. Guess what? Still coughing. I saw the lovely folks at Dana Farber last week. It’s kinda funny because Dr. J asks (I mean, he has to ask, I know) if I had told my primary care this whole thing. Well, yes and no. I mean, it took a bit to piece together that what I was feeling was not just a fleeting thing, which I had pretty much done by the last time I saw her. I just couldn’t quite… Well, things didn’t seem to be converging in such a manner that I could do more than say, “I suck.”

We allĀ know that.

There was also the very stark fact that she’d tell me to tell him when I see him. She called me on the fact that I am more than a year and a half late on my chest imaging, but she’d be the first to agree that really, it would’ve been dumb to have it done out here in the suburbs. And she’d probably send me for a pulmonary function test, which is pretty unnecessary. Let’s put it this way: my lung functions have decreased over the past couple years, but they were actually so damn awesome to start with, it isn’t… well, my lungs seem to function. It’s all the stuff around them that seems to make that harder. Is it muscular, is it fluid buildup in the tissue, is it something else? Maybe, but I’m pretty sure that when they hear nothing in my lungs making pops and cracks, it’s because there’s nothing in there making pops and cracks.

Why go through that?

I also felt (you can see it, truthfully) a lump on my neck. Dr. J is obviously a bit better with the whole lump identification, and he thinks it’s probably a muscle that is bulging weird. It doesn’t hurt, but given the way I am, I sort of wonder if I didn’t pull it or tear it or do something to it with the coughing and now there’s this knot there. He said it definitely doesn’t feel lymph nodey. So that’s good.

However, I still feel asstastic, and I am, as I said, a good eighteen months overdue for a chest CT. Every time I eat I feel pretty barfy, and it just generally sucks. So Dr. J said to try Robitussin (it doesn’t seem to be doing much thus far… and he said in this case I should call him, but y’know… I feel weird about it). He also ordered the holy triumvirate of torso CTS (my chest, abdomen and pelvis). I am mildly surprised by the pelvic order, as I did have that done about six months ago. I’ve never had a mass in my abdomen, but I also guess it’s just as likely something there could mess with my chest and that’d be pretty weak to miss it. Might as well do it all at once.

I was given the option to wait till December so the ENT could follow up (right, her patience with anything stops at the trachea. She’s even a little too rushed for that sometimes) but that’s kinda a ways off and I do feel rather, you know, shitty.

Problem was, Mr. Shoe has a busy week this week and the sad fact is I just didn’t want to go back in and do it this week anyway. So in a couple weeks I go and do that.

I doubt that there will be anything terribly enlightening, but maybe there will be changes. I don’t know. I know that this was a long, slow process last time and I know that that doesn’t mean that’ll be the same this time, or that this won’t recede some and then kick in again all fresh and new in six or eight months and then be a problem. I just don’t want them to have to go spelunking in my chest again. That blew.

The cough medicine I got is clear. We have on occasion given Penny the same type of cough syrup, only for some completely idiotic reason we got the cherry flavored red crap. So Penny and the floor and the walls ended up covered in sticky red cherry scented syrup for varying lengths of time. Why the hell did we do that?

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