Oh, Joy!

Just noticed it’s supposed to be 99F on Saturday. Who says you need to die to go to hell?

I am doing one of these annoying blankety updates because… well, I don’t get around to this much and then when I do there’s all this stuff I could say that I should have maybe written about earlier and I didn’t.

I have a new laptop. We’re not saying any more about this. It’s nice… it’s really nice. But details are purposely scant because I am so not into tech support at the moment.

I haven’t seen the GI guy again yet, but I guess the manometry was normal enough. At least, that’s what my sweet GP was told. I suppose that means that my esophagus is sluggish but muscle tone is within reason. I am glad I had two barium swallows showing the same issue. I’m also glad I don’t need surgery. I really hope I don’t need to have the manometry done again. Ever.

Also, my sweet GP started me on a calcium channel blocker two months ago. It was good — I mean, hell, lowered my blood pressure when nothing else would. The problem started about two or three weeks in when my legs started blowing up and I got all weird and bruisey looking. I always have a swollen left leg, when I wake in the morning or when I go to bed at night. (The rheumatologist found that worrying, actually). It only hurt in the morning occasionally. But suddenly I could not get shoes on… my “fat” shoes, even if I didn’t tie them. Yeah. That swollen.

They didn’t hurt so bad, but I’d definitely feel like my skin or blood vessels or muscle or something would pop or spring a leak or something, and it would sting and be kind of painful in a pinprick way. I also gained a good 7 lbs overnight.

So finally my blood pressure is in the 118/80 range. Yay. But my sweet GP didn’t like the effect on my legs and hands (they were swelling too). So I am on another calcium channel blocker which is less likely to cause that sort of crap. It is also known to lower heart rates and stuff, and I’m on a beta blocker also known for that… except that it was doing a shitty job of it, really, so we decided to try the diltiazem. So far, blood pressure about as good as on the amlodipine, the swelling isn’t getting worse, anyway, and my resting heart rate is not so alarmingly fast that it would prompt doctors to ask if I had remembered to take my beta blocker (which is what used to happen). I think it should help with the shortness of breath and swallowing issues (the GI doc suggested we try it) but it is one of those things that that might take a while.

The dogs hate the heat. I am glad of this. I feel bad though, because Lola doesn’t realize that it’s messing her up… she goes out and says, “ZOMG! Look! A woodchuck!” and gets all excited and then in less than three minutes is damn near having a heat stroke (seriously… she’s bad. I have had more occasions to wonder if I haven’t accidentally killed her on days that the heat isn’t bothering me all that much.)


ZOMG! A woodchuck! Poor Mr. Shoe. But I swear that the woodchuck likes cucumbers more than I do. I wasn’t going to stop him.

Penny gets noticeably hot, but since she doesn’t move fast and such, if it happens, I find it is better for everyone if I just pick her up and haul her in. She’ll sit there and tell me she’s hot, but not move, and fortunately, while she’s portly, I don’t have far to carry her usually.


Nothing to do with Penny…. But look, there’s a woodpecker. Okay, I’m done. Even if I’m not. Trust me on this. I’m a professional.

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