Damn You, Time!

So I’ve been lazy about updating, and then figured I could cover it all in one, and then I got lazy again, and now it’s like… what do I even say?

Condensed version: my head tumor isn’t infiltrative, which is good, but it still could I guess get bigger which still makes my sweet GP way edgy but the guys at Dana Farber less so. My ass cheek tumor doesn’t appear to be returning, so the teeth grinding pain and feeling that there’s a sock in my hip is probably healing, my ENT’s office is just a friggin’ annoyance, my muscles don’t work in my esophagus, Lola doesn’t understand how to sit but she can walk calmly now, and I got to¬† go to PAX East for three hours with Mr. Shoe. I lasted three hours, which was impressive because if nothing else, I got some cool pictures, saw the dudes from Giant Bomb (and Felicia Day, who had nicer skin than I would have imagined) and I learned that heat bothers the crap out of me, but throngs and throngs of people — not at all a problem. Which seems weird.

Also, we had another accident in front of our house (less than two weeks after the last one) and I heard the gun fight that led to the street closures that led to the K9 units and SWAT teams running through our neighborhood. And the heron returned. Once.

I get that that probably makes little sense. But maybe I’ll actually get around to filling in the blanks.

Mwaha. That’s a good one!

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