No, Really, I’m Done!

This past week has been a friggin’ annoying one with a particular specialist calling and rescheduling appointments, and then needing to reschedule the rescheduled ones. I guess the good news is (ah, why hide it?) is that it was my ENT with the rolling timeshare dates apparently and… I guess my modified swallow study radiologists meant it when they wanted me to get retested, so I also got a barium swallow scheduled. Then the ENT called again and said that the rescheduled appointment needed rescheduling (again) and so I said… I’m not pushing the appointment back, now, dammit. When can she see me prior to the first week in April?

So I see her on my birthday, at the end of this month, to talk about the results of the swallow I did this morning.  I don’t know if I’ll get any calls between here and there. Pffft.

I do know that there were no obvious lesions, which is good. No hernias or holes or anything that lit up so funny that they needed to flush me out and do a scope pronto. Yay!  The doctor today said that he’d take another look, but that didn’t stand out. However, what the modified barium study showed was reproducible, in that it seems my esophagus just can’t let go in a timely fashion.

I also realized that I don’t burp. I mean, I knew that… Not a burper. But the first part of the barium swallow requires you sock back some pop rocks and then drink some weird ass not quite water crap with it. It is supposed to make you feel like burping, but you’re supposed to fight it. I don’t know if it is the fact I am not a burping sort of broad (I didn’t burp or feel the need to at all) that made this an easy task, or if it had more to do with the fact that I managed to miss my mouth or something with the weird not quite water crap they gave me and dribbled about half of the little cup of it all down my johnnie clad boob and on to the lead apron (and probably the doctor’s shoes… he looked kinda grossed out. I hope to hell I’m not the only person who has ever done that to him.)

So no clue what that is really about or what it all means per se (I gather it is a sign of fibrotic stiffening or nerve damage, and so isn’t surprising, but I guess in my case it could be either.) I don’t know if it’s like… pretty decently delayed, or a short delay, or what. I know it isn’t blocked and I don’t throw up (unless you count the nostril back-water and droolage in that same category — I understand it is likely related, but it isn’t… well, you know, there are worse things that could be happening in this area). I guess it is something that happens to me regularly enough if they caught it twice. And hell, that’s at least a relief in some weird way.

And the barium just gets grosser and grosser. I didn’t think that could happen.

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