One Bad Ass Pigeon

So this smily guy (or girl, I didn’t ask) was out on our pussy willow bush/tree this afternoon (yeah, it’s a really well established pussy willow. It’s a damned tree).  I was heading out to try to squeeze something out of Penny real quick because it’s cold as sin, and I happened to look out and think, “That pigeon looks completely bullshit.” Then I realized it wasn’t a pigeon.

I got Penny back in the house (otherwise, she’d lick the metal door and stick to it. I kid you not) and went diving for the camera, hoping that I had the batteries charged. It matters really not at all, given that batteries aren’t any good when it’s 15F outside. But I did manage to snap a couple of pictures of this lovely birdie.

I’ve seen bigger hawks and stuff flying around, and saw one about his size take a pigeon off the neighbor’s house last spring — and a couple of years ago the neighbor saw one take out a sparrow in our bamboo. But this guy was sitting (he was not frozen to the branch) for a goodly amount of time while a bunch of  (considerably larger) crows went crazy at him.

I’m wondering if the stuff dripping off the roof of the three season porch is blue jay droppings or blue jay remains at this point, though.  And is it bad that that idea makes me really want to fill the bird feeder? Who needs the Discovery Channel?

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