February was extra long!

Yeah, whatever, right? February was a weird month. It always is. Never sucks like December always wants to, but it’s always weird.

Mr. Shoe enrolled Lola in a dog obedience class at Petsmart. I think. Sure. Why not. Not that she’s badly behaved (trust me, she isn’t), but she’s just a little too large to have her jumping up on people, especially people who don’t know dogs. She’s not huge, but she’s got more of an American bulldog or Boxer like face than a French bulldog like face and Mr. Shoe and I have worked in pet stores long enough that we know unless it weighs five pounds or has long shaggy hair, people tend to cry pit bull.

I’m not kidding. I mean, it’s clear Lola isn’t (generally the question is whether she’s a Boston or a Frenchie) but I hate when people pull that. I have met the sweetest pit bulls, and I hate that any dog that seems either intimidating or badly behaved smears that name.

Lola could be intimidating… and I certainly wouldn’t want her to knock over some frail old person or something who stopped to pet her. I could see that happening. I mean, she hasn’t knocked me over yet, or any children or anything (although I can’t rise from a sitting position without using my upper body thanks to my knees trying to compensate for the rest of my sorry self in handling her) — but she’s really exuberant and friendly. But exuberant.

There’s also that whole sit/stay/come thing that could be really handy as a backup if she should wiggle free of her harness and such, where we live on a street where the speed limit seems to be taken as the minimum permissible speed.

I’m kinda shocked as she’s lost weight since we got her home, so I think we’re doing pretty good wearing her out and stuff. Penny likes to walk with her. I know Penny’s eyes aren’t so great in most light, so having something to chase is really helpful. The crazy thing is is Penny likes to walk, it’s just she can’t see where she’s going and she’s obstinate and it starts to be like pulling teeth to convince her to just go. So a buddy is good.

I’m bummed about my knees being a couple of turds still. I mean, I know it takes time and you can’t not use them even if it would be advantageous. I suspect this will suck for a while and I will make sure I’m not without stupid inserts in my shoes ever again. Yeeesh.

This past month my sweet GP finally came to the conclusion that the propranolol was sorta making my heart beat slower (it’s 95 as opposed to 130 resting. Neither is really ideal, but one is obviously better), and that it wasn’t doing jack for my blood pressure. Ahem. So I started the ace inhibitor last week (yes, the one that makes you cough supposedly. except I am always coughing, too, so I haven’t noticed a difference).

I had my blood pressure taken at a different doctor’s visit this week (I know, I am trying to not have these all happen at once, and the damn things always happen at once). I wasn’t going to explain that just because an automatic cuff is more sensitive than a stethoscope and ear doesn’t mean it’s more accurate. Ever laugh with an EKG attached to your chest? You get all spiky and then flatline, and you’re clearly not dead. It’s all that stray muscle movement. Anyway, blood pressure on the automatic thing was still too high, but given how I usually am on those, the number was consistent with the “oh crap that’s horrible” I usually get on those. I suspect that the fact my knees were screaming played a role, and that probably the new med is not having too much of an effect at the 10 mg dose. Maybe it is a little though, because the car ride into Boston was just long enough to let my legs and vestibular bits get all bullshit with each other.

Step backwards on to the scale? What the hell do I look like, an acrobat?

So we’ve now hit March… Like a lion. And a day late, a buck short?

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