Knees Are Bustin’ All Over

Penny has two trick knees. Lola has one. Lola and Penny have basically sent my knees all to hell in the past two weeks… my knees are my good joints, too, dammit. Actually, I think they’re being horrific because they are my good joints, and they’re compensating for the idiocy that my ankles, feet, and hips tend to be.

At least, that’s the sweet GP’s take on it. I didn’t go to see her about my knees… had the appointment made months ago. My knees were sadly obvious, because I wince with every step, and I walk like I just escaped my wheelchair. Good news is my knee joints are stable and all. She gave me stretches to do to prevent this in the future, which sadly are the same stretches that I’ve been doing regardless of whether or not I had two dogs running at different speeds drawing and quartering me on the crappy sidewalks. It at least makes me feel like I am doing something when I do those stretches.

So I know it has a lot to do with my unsteadiness in general as well as our horrendous sidewalk state here (I mean, there is a guy who has a wheelchair like Stephen Hawking… I think he has cerebral palsy, but I mean it’s something that means he requires an all terrain chair to get around… He is always tearing down the street, in the street. Not because he’s reckless (I know this dude well enough), but because there’s no way a chair, even with hardcore wheels and a strong drive train can do the canyons in the sidewalk). I fished out my old shoe orthotics (yeah, I wasn’t walking with great shoes to start) and it helps my stupid feet and ankles be strong enough that my knees don’t hyperextend backwards and lock up when Lola goes into full on oh my god a squirrel mode.

I wish it were just one knee though. The two together are just bitchy.

Yesterday was the first time we left Lola and Penny home alone together (again, thanks to my sweet GP for being close by). So far as we could tell, Penny sat on my slippers near the dishwasher, as per usual, where she is able to feel connected physically to mama while being able to watch the door for mama’s return. Lola made a doggy nest out of a blanket in the bedroom. That worked out well.

Lola is settling down a bit now she’s used to it here. She’s a good girl. She’s pushy with food with people, but not so much with Penny. She has really dry skin and I think is pretty itchy. So am I. She’s probably worse, though, being that she has a lot of fur.  She’s also really gassy. I mean, Penny is gassy. Lola is… don’t light a match near her. That’s all. It’s gotten a bit better since we set meal times and such, but I think she’s got — if not a sensitive stomach — a responsive stomach.

She shreds dog toys. It’s madness. Nylabone tug things, ropes, tennis balls… At least she concentrates on toys, and not shoes and blankets and socks and stuff. Hey, it’s fun to watch her, so we’ll keep her supplied with indestructable toys that are destroyed within a week or two if it keeps her focused on what she ought to do. Also, if it wears her out.

She’s calmed down. A little. Heh.
What're you doing?
Lola Plays Ball

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