N. That is All.

So I’m guessing the hotel has wireless that runs using the N protocol… I know our FiOS router at home (aside from its recent need for constant reboots, lately) runs on G, and the older Buffalo router I have plugged into the FiOS one definitely runs on G, but I might have it set to B. Anyway, we have got to talk to the people at Verizon (because we love conflicting information!) about replacing the router that came with the FiOS plan, as it does seem dodgy after a few years. If they won’t, I’m totally replacing the Buffalo with an N-capable wireless router. Holy cow, is this speedy. The wireless G in the FiOS shouldn’t be the bottleneck. I mean, wireless is always going to be a bottleneck with fiber optic, but after using the hotel wireless… yeah. Not a bottleneck, it’s a tiny little pinhole opening.

So yesterday I tried to take some photos, because there are some awesome outfits here. I firmly believe that there are a few people that should just dress steampunk all the time. I mean, these people tend to be dudes who spent time, money, and put effort into making this clothing fit them, because they are oddly shaped dudes. And this is a hobby that you can just sort of tell they take more interest in than… like… work clothes or whatever, and you know that jeans and stuff don’t fit them off the shelf. And they kinda rock the look anyway, so… Pfft. I say stand out because you look like a kickass pirate, not because of your constant plumbers crack.

Mr. Shoe ran the tournament last night. It started at midnight, he rolled in here at 9 am. He’s frickin’ nuts.

I tried to take photos, that’s what I was saying. Except, here’s the thing… Mr. Shoe had to be on, and I wasn’t leaving Penny here. And there are a lot of people, and Penny is short and slow (well, so am I, but). I thought maybe I could get her down there with my camera, sit, and take some photos. Um.

On the way out of the hotel room, I cracked the side of my wide angle lens on the door frame. Hard. Instead of the cosplayer’s hallway cries of, “He’s been decapitated! Loot his corpse as it falls!” (I feel for any business travellers here this weekend, really), I yelled, “I can not fucking believe I just did that!” I still feel for the business travellers, but the two dudes coming down the hall with their cameras seemed to empathize.

I am pretty sure that my issues thereafter were temporary (I had to reseat the lens a few times, while standing, in a crowded room, with a very freaked out pug). I think the jolt just made the lens autofocus chip lose touch with the autofocus doodads in the camera body. I don’t like to change lenses except in a damn near sterile environment with few distractions. Then, I could hear very little at that point except the undercurrent “shitshitshit” in my thoughts and my pounding heart.

It does seem as though it is working, but Penny was having some issues. If I sat with her on a bench, and used her as a steampunk cosplay magnet toll mechanism (pat the pug, I take your picture! Then, I think you dress up for this stuff in that way in order to be seen, just sayin’), it was okay. But it was tiring, and Penny was getting hot, and the very nice benches were… well, not great on Penny’s trick knees. So it was all just incredibly hard to manage.

I got a few though. I don’t know who these nice folks are, but I seriously nailed these shots in one, which I thought was kind of impressive, given the horrors that my camera had just undergone and the fact that I’m not used to these sorts of photos.
TempleCon 2012
TempleCon 2012

I didn’t last real long, but Penny was fairly well done before I was. Since Mr. Shoe is now passed out here in the hotel, I’d split with the camera alone, but (I know, I know) Penny will cry. And wake Mr. Shoe up. And while normally that would be a “suck it up” situation for them both… not this time. Penny has had a long haul, Mr. Shoe has had a long night.

I really want to play with my camera. Poo.

Extraneous information: Penny finds small children a lot more frightening than a couple of six foot tall men dressed in top hats, coat tails, and very realistic orangutan suits. By this I mean, a small child in Garanimals is scarier than a guy dressed as an orangutan in formalwear.

There are also geese outside. I know better than to take Penny near them alone (with or without camera). I actually am giving them a wide berth, as goose poop is not the most wonderful stuff to get out of your shoe treads. Ahem.

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