Not Blue, Maybe Not Great

Y’know, when Mr. Shoe and I put the pond in, we heard all sorts of fun stories. People lost fish in winter, to raccoons, to cats… I think the losing fish to cats is a complete myth. The cats love to watch, but trust me, they know better. We’ve not lost a one to a raccoon, but we’ve lost them to winter, whether we bring them in or not.

Another thing people have lost koi to are things like herons. It isn’t like we don’t have herons in the area, but c’mon. We also have four houses right in our yard, and used needles on our sidewalk. I’m sorry. So after hearing a story about how some poor bastard lost a $400 imported koi to a heron, we thought, “Damn, that sucks, but at least that’s a cool way to lose one, and one we’ll never have happen.”

So guess why we were putting a damned net over the pond on New Year’s Day? And to the people hung over in the four houses right in our yard, so sorry about the obscenities and banging on our windows. We had to save that particular koi in the twenty second window of time we had (and incidentally we saved two of them.)

So (if you’re sensitive to naughty words, stop reading and I won’t laugh at you. Yes, I will, never mind) we named this guy Shithead F. McAsshat. Guess what the F stands for? Yeah. This great blue heron (who isn’t terribly blue, but shape shifts and gets big when pissed off or frightened) comes just about every other day for the past week and a half. He’s gotten a couple of koi, not counting the two we scared out of his maw last Sunday. He’s cool, and while I hated seeing him try to choke down the lovely red and white koi, I want him to come back. And not eat them. Which I understand completely is asking way too much.

So we figured the net should slow him down, and at least when the pond is unfrozen and not grown in, it’ll give the koi a shot at living. We’ve got way too many koi in there (baby koi explosion) so losing the dumb ones isn’t a huge deal, but in winter, he’d easily empty the pond in three days. We kind of can’t let that happen.

He is freakish. Yet so damn cool.

I'm in your pond, eatin' your koi

Great blue heron


What's weird about this?

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