So Far, My Hair Hasn’t Killed Anyone

I think I’m nearly recovered from my killing a squirrel with my deadly looks last week. In keeping with lovely Momshoe’s request for a short story about this incident… Perhaps a beefier essay would work. It’s not quite like when I told one of my friends about my suspecting Penny had another impacted, um, anal gland that needed expressing, and so we took her to the vet. She didn’t. It was me. I mean, I didn’t have an anal gland that needed expressing, but my skin does some really ucky things sometimes. My friend thought that it would rock to write a story on that from Penny’s point of view.

Penny’s point of view right now is in evil eye mode.

Penny is going to bite Santa's butt

This hat makes her less than happy. I think it’s the uneven weight distribution that makes it feel weird. Her little pirate hat at least has elastics that make a “Y” around her ears, and this one didn’t, and I know that was pissing her off. It was pissing me off, because putting it on her I couldn’t imagine that the elastic was going to sit nicely on either side of her ears. Poor kid. The things she puts up with.

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