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One of those things that Mr. Shoe has as an extra-curricular work activity is a “Taste” event. This is one of those things where a bunch of local restaurants come in and people buy tickets as a fundraising thing for the organization. Mr. Shoe doesn’t work for the organization, but his office does a lot of overlap and outreach and this particular group is one where the interests and target community mesh nicely, so teaming up means that this group can get outside help (and vice versa) and everyone wins… And that’s a lot of explanation that explains really very little. Look, it’s about networking, live and in person, and everyone wins. It takes a village. And stuff like that.

Anyway, it’s an annual thing. I can’t say that this is… I think last night was the second one I’ve been to, maybe the third, and I know Mr. Shoe has done at least five with these lovely people. I think you all sort of know why I’ve been absent.

It’s fun, though, especially because Mr. Shoe is a board member (heheheh, I said “board member”), which means he sinks in some money for a table or half a table and we invite people. Generally speaking, we invite more people than we have seats, as does the lady we normally split the table with, because neither she nor Mr. Shoe sit for the event, and a lot of the time last minute cancellations (usually me, I guess) means that the seats work out.

Mr. Shoe’s completely sweet cousin Ryan usually attends (as he did last night. A slightly more mature lady told him to never, ever cut his hair, because it is beautiful. Ryan is apparently a hit with the cougars.) Ryan usually donates some guitar lessons and computer maintenance time to the silent auction, which is cool. Ryan is a pretty damn kick ass musician. He also has beautiful hair, cougars agree.

I donated a framed print of a photo I took to the auction, which… brace yourselves, because this makes me go squeeee… someone that I do not know personally bid against someone else for and purchased. I mean, how cool is that? It’ll be hanging on some unknown wall, seen by some unknown sets of eyes. Or maybe single eyes. The picture had a boat in it. Maybe… you know, pirates bought it, and they all have eye patches.

It was tiring. I hurt. I am overtired. You can probably tell.

Here’s the thing, I have a problem. I get tired easily, and stupid little things, like sitting in a car and hearing the refrigerator buzz or a distant radio all take their toll on my system. So by the time I got the event, I was tired enough to really not feel like eating. That’s one of the first things to go. It makes restaurants hard, because then your server thinks you thought the food sucked, and you didn’t… But it’s a pain in the ass to explain.

Fortunately, at the event, no one notices if you can’t put it away. Mr. Shoe needs to realize that if I’m saying I don’t feel like that much food to start, marching back to the table with something covered in some of the stinkiest cheeses imaginable (I am not a huge cheese fan, sorry) isn’t going to help. It’s going to make me leave you with the camera bag and I am going to go take pictures.

I told the people I would. I kinda had no clue how they would come out (actually, I thought they’d all suck, but it worked out better than I would have imagined). It is one of those notoriously shitty photo situations. Big room, bad lights, lots of people moving at different speeds, weird windows… Courtesy of the flash I got some nice shots, but I also got a lot of really creepy/funny ones. I can see through the some people’s heads (right above the ear)… I can see the person standing behind them through their ears.

I also got to see some of the other types of magic cameras bestow. Like, carry around some beefy gear, and people will say stuff like, “You need to take our picture!” They don’t know who I am, where I am from, and I don’t know who they are or whether they want to know where they could see said photo after the fact. They just want their pictures taken, dammit. That was cool because they were lively and posed.

Then there are the people who see you, don’t say anything, but suddenly pose. They all huddle in close and smile. They had nice big smiles last night, so at least it was easy figure out what was going on. Some people don’t get that they are posing. It’s like the camera is in their peripheral vision, but suddenly they stand straighter, or turn away, or make the smile look “less dorky” (and yeah, less natural. But I too have a dorky on camera natural smile, so I hear you.)

You can also totally mess with people. They don’t necessarily pay attention to the flash, so you can put the camera up to your eye while they do something kind of gross… sneeze, spit into a napkin… and then they see you and the split second of mortification.

Yeah, with great power comes great responsibility… If I got anyone in a photo doing something gross, I swear I didn’t notice.



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