Not Even a Cricket…


It’s been a long time for a lot of things, not just since I updated here.

This past weekend, dammit, Mr. Shoe and I trekked up to New Hampshire and visited my parental units. It has been an embarrassingly long time since we’ve been up (although I guess maybe it’s just shameful, but it’s not me or Mr. Shoe or my parents that are the targets of this shame, we’re just all collateral damage. I mean, you do what you can, and until now, it just couldn’t be that we made it up there. It was pretty difficult as it was, but difficult didn’t mean impossible.)

So Mr. Shoe and I went and stayed at the inn that is literally less than a mile from my parents’ house. See, I am up all night, every half hour. My mom says she doesn’t mind, but trust me, mom, you do. Between stairs and being up all night and all sorts of things, I thought maybe a trip up on one day, a visit with the ‘rents the next, and then a trip back would make the visit a much more… survivable, doable, pleasant thing. It worked. I mean, I feel pretty crappy, and I felt pretty crappy, but I don’t know that my current crappiness is necessarily due to recovery from the trip.

Funny as it may sound with that lead in, I guess it was a pretty good, successful trip. Hey!
Purity Lake

Plus, the little inn near my parents’ is nice, fairly reasonable in price (thanks to my parents living in the buttend of nowhere edge of a tourist area), and so falling out of bed at 6:15 made for some fun pictures (well, those were really fun, but the 6:20 ones were interesting too). This is not a penguin, like my mom has called them… It’s not a bufflehead duck, either. There is such a thing as a bufflehead duck, too — you can’t make crap like that up. It’s a hooded merganser. I think. It’s a duck that eats fish, so it’s sort of more pelican-y (or I guess maybe my mom is right in the penguin department. I mean, loons and penguins are in the same family). It also (how cool is this?) can change how its eyes refract light underwater.

Makes a creepy, loon-esque noise. Also, they’re very shy. And misty lakes are pretty.
Purity Lake
I’d update a bit more, but man, I’m beat.

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