Don’t Look Now, But…

It’s one of those unsettling days where it seems like the neighbors all finally realized I’m soft as a peach and are speaking to me as if I don’t understand English. I mean… what the hell took them so long?

I wonder if my discussion with Penny as I came down the driveway, probably in a much louder voice than I realized, about whether she needs to, um, “poopanuba” was a clue. Then again, this wouldn’t be the first poopanuba discussion I’ve had with Penelope. I wonder if they aren’t getting louder over time though.

Thanks to some cooler temperatures and a surly attitude, Mr. Shoe and I went to a local historic/National Park Service run site this weekend (I felt crappy, but it was nice out and it was the weekend and dammit I was not letting that go). The place is the Saugus Ironworks, which is a reconstructed forge and iron processing plant from the 1700s or so. I suspect the visitor center is actually dates back that far (the stained glass kind of gives that away), but none of the structures or workings are… they were all rebuilt using period technology though.

It was rather cool, and I got some neat pictures. Also, there’s a bald eagle in the area — which came as a surprise and a kind of lucky shot.
Saugus Ironworks- Bald Eagle

Saugus Ironworks

Saugus Ironworks


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