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Let’s put it this way: I try. And some days, I get further than others. It’s a funny thing I’ve noticed… Wind and cold weather make it hurt to breathe in (wind makes it impossible, cold hurts in the way that when I push too hard it hurts). Warmer than say… 75 degree weather, especially if it is humid (but c’mon, it is the heat and the humidity. Both.) I have a particularly difficult time moving at all… but my chest muscles are definitely affected. The real pisser is if it is hot and humid out and the air conditioner is on, I just get both of these feelings constantly. That sucks.

So the last three days have been 64 degrees or so. I like this. I mean, it isn’t really like I can do much more or that I feel better, but I can do a little more without feeling worse than I would on another day where I did less… I hate that it seems we always have to settle, but for now I’m totally settling. I mean, what can you do?

Anyway, it meant I got out with Mr. Shoe and Penny and finally got her a new harness. I had ordered one online and… pugs are oddly shaped. I returned the one that didn’t fit and figured I’d be better off getting a credit to the online doggy-supply store but purchasing a harness locally.

The dude at Petsmart agreed that Penny was deceptively sized. Her head… and her neck… are a lot larger than they seem. Actually, her head and neck are one in the same, I think, but we managed to find a good harness that had both shrinking and expanding room (I swear Penny also retains water.)

I (oddly enough) don’t have photos of Penny in the harness. I’ll have to take some. It’s pink and black, which isn’t quite as cool as the pink camo one I had gotten previously, but when she’s outside in natural light with it on… It looks sort of dominatrix-y, which is pretty funny.

I used the credit at the online doggy boutique (okay, I’m going to link to it… it’s called Funny Fur) to get a couple of things for Penny that were less size dependent (although I sense she may expand again now…)  So you know: No child of mine, even if she relieves herself in public and has no qualms about sniffing other’s posteriors, will ever wear something that says “Juicy” on it.

What’s actually more frightening is I laugh at some of the stuff (I mean, c’mon! If I need a separate closet for dog clothing…) but some of it… I have a history of owning short little dogs with large buggy eyes. When we walk in high grass (which happens a lot… I mean, it rains, my dogs are short, and lawns can’t be mowed…) or when it’s windy, I have most definitely worried about their eyes. I worry about Penny’s quite a bit, as she has questionable vision (she can see in certain light really well, and you’d think just makes it up as she goes along in other lighting conditions). Penny tends to walk into things, pointy things… pointy things that are at eye level. Sticks. Branches. So I saw these doggy goggles and thought first, “Oh my god, how incredibly stup–” and remember all those times with Monster and Norman and Penny that I wished I had eye protection for them. I also know that chances are good Penny would be more inclined to walk into stuff with them on. Norman would have been terrified beyond belief (but probably needed them most) and Monster would have told me what an asshole I was for even considering it.

So I returned the harness to these folks and instead got an odd deflated squirrel squeaky toy (it’s plush, but not stuffed, and so Penny has an easier time running around and flipping it.) I also got… When Mr. Shoe makes bread, Penny loves it. We don’t give it to her, but for some reason as soon as the yeast is mixed into the bread and starts activating, she’s like a crazy woman. I thought she’d be just over the damn moon if we put something in the oven, and took it out, and it was expressly for her. So I got her some carob cupcake mix. It’s dog safe, but Mr. Shoe ate some of the crumbs (yeah, well) and it was pretty good. (I believe it, but I felt gross as it was and I’m not a fan of any carob-y chocolately cakie product. Chocolate (or carob) must be served in a suitable form, and cake, ice cream and cookies are not suitable, unless the chocolatey stuff is a chip form factor.)

Let’s just say I think we created a monster.

Penny awaits today's cupcake

Penny awaits today's cupcake

Penny awaits today's cupcake

Penny awaits today's cupcake

The good news is that I can sneak out (now that it is cooler) and distract her with the cupcake and take some photos outside,


I'd be in trouble if I were an acorn
I'd be in trouble if I were an acorn
I'd be in trouble if I were an acorn

Hey, we do what we can.

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