Well, Yay

Penny has some news.

Pink Peg Leg Pug

Not only is the cast off (the bandana was off real quick), she is officially rid of a tumor that was essentially benign, normal looking mast cells. Nothing looked suspicious or nasty (though I think the “aggressive” term stands, it just means “watch it” when the tumor is benign.) That’s good, because I need my baby right here.

I still haven’t heard much in the cardiopulmonary exercise test area, but I gather now that if your test isn’t nailed down in 48 hours, it generally means at least a week to read.  I just am punchy due to feeling crappy and being sick of it, and I suspect more tests are going to be needed and daaaaaaamn I don’t want to have a three to five week wait between scheduling each individual one.  Sometimes it can’t be helped, fine. I know. I don’t want to bump someone getting cleared for a transplant out of line, I’m not a total ass. But this isn’t getting better or relenting at all, and… I don’t want to make things worse because someone who supplies latex gloves somewhere is on vacation. I’m not a total ass, but maybe I’m kind of a bitch.

Pfffbbbt. I need the distraction. Besides, my best girl is a bitch, for real. A pretty one, even in a stumpy pink leg bandage.



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