Small Favors

Penny has been taking her synthetic thyroid stuff for nearly a week now… Lemme tell ya. Monster, our gnarly old peke, shown here, being himself:

Monster also had a thyroid issue (again, not the bug eyes) that came on at about thirteen years old. We had no clue, because, um, thirteen is a pretty old dog. The vet (who loves pekes as much as pugs) said Monster had essentially a completely non-functional thyroid. Did we notice anything odd about him? (See above video. Do you notice anything off about him?) Vet was specifically mentioning odor, which… we’d noticed for years his back end smelled way better than his front end. But that wasn’t it either. Anyway, within about three weeks, while Monster’s thyroid levels were still pitifully low (and we opted to leave them sort of low, given that he was going to risk liver failure otherwise), he was a new peke. He was a new, energetic little bastard. It was stunning.

Penny, because she’s younger right now and doesn’t strike me as the type of dog who would have been inclined to run around the house with her dad’s underwear stuck on her head even in her youth, we don’t think is going to seem quite as dramatic. However, it’s pretty obvious she feels better than she did a week ago.  Just like it was kind of hard to explain what seemed a little off (and it didn’t seem like it was always off, but sometimes she seemed a little bleh), it’s difficult to put a finger on why she seems a little better.

She does, though. She’s got a little more sparkle in her eyes, and a little more goof in her face, and she runs a little bit faster after mama. Or food. Or mama carrying food. And that at least makes me feel better before she goes for her dental work and her weird little leg-titty excision. Okay, at least, I feel like her leg-titty and nasty teeth aren’t making her feel yucky. It was her thyroid. It shouldn’t be surprising, I suppose. Where is her thyroid? I mean, where the hell is her neck?

Penny's Incredibly Silly Face Day

Since I think this week is just going to be a stressful thing anyway, I’m really glad for that teeny little favor. And the giant, lolling glottis.

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