Update: The Pug’s Waistline Not Entirely My Fault

I feel mildly less like a killing with kindness mama as it appears my dear Penelope does have an underactive thyroid. I mean, for a little dog she had put on a goodly amount of weight. And while she’s a pug and they are not visions of athleticism, I did notice it took extenuating circumstances to get her really moving… like mama coming in from outside or seeing anyone walk by her goodie stash. So she starts thyroid supplements.

Next week she’ll have the teeth cleaned (and yanked, some of em) and the what the vet is sure is a mast cell tumor taken off. He’s sure now thanks to Mr. Shoe giving him a more accurate timeline of warty growth. He is also very, very relieved now to hear it took about a month to hit that size, and not a week (as he was told originally). Much less threatening, much more normal sounding.

She’s getting her nails trimmed too. Pug nails are just merciless things.

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