There’s a Name for This

Maybe no one will recognize me

I was actually told last night that the name was “Ridiculous.” Seems right. Dread Pirate Ridiculous Penelope Glottis.

It’s a cute little pirate suit. Let me tell you, pugs are oddly shaped. I at least felt like this was something that if I had to alter it, it’s a damn pirate costume. It’s not supposed to look fresh. Also, there’s a damn dog inside it, which… y’know…

So this one wasn’t too bad to get to fit her. I had to give the sleeves the Larry the Cable Guy treatment, because Penny has massive shoulders, but the belt/coat all closed up right and it wasn’t like it was even that long. I also got her a much needed new harness, but unfortunately I overestimated the size there. Pugs aren’t even standardized between pugs.

I have been taking some pictures, but it’s rough. I mean, I know, but it really is rough. I am happy if you have no idea, and I’m betting a lot of people don’t, though they can empathize. That’s all well and good. And hey, I don’t ask much, and if I have a day a decent photo comes along, that’s pretty cool.


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