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Okay, while browser crashing is far less frequent with my 32bit Ubuntu install, it does not use my RAM in the same efficiently awesome manner the 64bit version did, so I tend to find my photo editor crashes a freakin’ ton if I load a batch of raw image files. This isn’t overly shocking, or terribly disappointing, but it is still disappointing, I think it’s a trade off I’ll have to live with for now.

Speaking of living and trading… Yesterday I had a physical with my sweet GP. It turns out, I wasn’t due for a pap smear till January. She actually said I could put it off till then, and then I realized I was all in the “this is going to suck” mode and it isn’t like it will suck less in a few months, so I might as well get it done since I was all steely eyed for it anyway.

Also, my blood pressure was so high throughout the visit that it actually caused two of her office staff to have retinal ruptures during my appointment block. Okay, no one ruptured, but in the good chance that my echo today comes back pretty unremarkable and that follow up there takes another three weeks to get done, she made an appointment with the local cardiologist to see what he recommends in terms of (she said in particular) stress testing.

I should hear tomorrow if anything looked amiss (if it isn’t all clear and lovely, I can tell you what won’t be the problem — the PFO they thought they’d see. It’ll be something else entirely. I mean, I imagine that was a factor in going to echo first anyway. If I am obviously weird or something is moving completely oddly that we hadn’t seen before, it might be good to know now.)

So my GP did an electrocardiogram, which didn’t look normal, but since normal is what an old white guy’s heart should look like (her words),  she just wanted to be sure she wasn’t seeing anything that was immediately ominous. She didn’t. She did up my propranolol so that I don’t cause nose bleeds when I direct my gaze at people, in hopes that maybe it could bring my blood pressure and heart rate down a little. I dunno, I think I can feel a difference… I mean, I think it might be taking a bit more to completely make everything scream in agony, but truth is, it’s only been a day and it doesn’t take much, so I might be mistaken. At any rate, it hasn’t made my breathing worse (which was a concern.)

I fell going up the stairs the other day, and it looked like it was promising to bruise something nasty on my upper arm. Then they drew blood at the lab yesterday, and the phlebotomy chick ties off that arm (yowch) and almost got the vein the first time. So now it is pretty damn purple on top of my usual purple. I am hopeful that the puncture point that they used for the IV saline bubbles today doesn’t bruise too. I think it is scaring people. I look like Violet Beauregard, post-Wonka-gum-chewing-incident.

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