It’s Not Me, It’s You…

At any rate, I thought that perhaps maybe a few off BIOS settings were screwing with my system enough that I couldn’t keep Firefox up and running for love nor money. So I switched them over in Kubuntu 11.04 64bit and discovered while things seemed a little happier, they were still so damned far from acceptable that it wasn’t even funny.

Since Mr. Shoe wanted a 32bit pendrive system and Windows and Bit Defender were getting in the way of my making it work effectively with his computer, I said the hell with it and tried to install a 32bit version of Ubuntu on the laptop.

Got to change some BIOS settings again, because boy howdy, my CD drive can’t keep up with the hard drive, and there were input/output errors all over. So now I’m running a 32bit Ubuntu desktop (and so far, Unity crashed out, but um… Firefox didn’t seem affected, even though it was indeed open. I suspect I hit some function keys I wasn’t thinking worked to do such things in combination). So far, I’ve not lost Firefox though.

I also can’t seem to get my checksums to work on this here drive I’m making for Mr. Shoe. Heh.

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