Did I Do That?

It’s hard to make sense when your browser keeps crashing. That is all. Also, I think I might have possibly — possibly — caused my little constant crashy problem. I don’t know. Because the problem is, when it goes, it really goes. Like eight or nine times in a ten minute period. And then I can be online for a half hour without a problem.

I was trying something else out and remembered what a friggin’ horrible pain in my ass it was to get Ubuntu to install. I am slightly suspicious this had something to do with my original hard disk failing, and my swapping it out for another one. I am not sure why a new version of Ubuntu with a slightly larger, but essentially same in every other way hard disk would cause these problems months later when an update to the OS was required, but…
Blue Jays

Look at the damn birdies! (Yes, I am trying to create a problem, and of course, I can’t. It’s like me at the doctor. Or cars at the garage.)

…but to get Natty Narwhal (Nihilistic Narwhal… come on, can you think of a better animal than a narwhal? No, me either) to install I had to do Cirque du SoLame like backflips through my BIOS. Now that it’s installed, would those changes cause any problems?

I think they were. The laptop was a lot faster booting when I started to tweak, and so far, so good. I’ve said that one before. But I had to slow my drives down to IDE speed to accommodate the CD drive, and my drive is a SATA connection. So I didn’t need to leave it there. And now that I think… Didn’t I not have CDs when I put the new drive in and had to use a flash drive to bootstrap the install?

I did. Dammit. Wow, I almost hope I do see more crashes (do I really?) so I don’t feel like a dumbass.

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2 Responses to Did I Do That?

  1. Momshoe says:

    Wow – don’t know why I had so much trouble just getting Caroline’s laptop to connect to our wireless internet. I’m bringing it with me by they way and if there’s anything wrong with it when I get there I expect you’ll be able to fix it – right?

    Nothing fancy, though, OK?

    • shoe says:

      Heheheheh. Please be kidding. ;) If it couldn’t connect it now does, it was probably a hiccup. If it still doesn’t up here… Wireless card maybe at fault. I hear Andy is AWESOME at wireless card troubleshooting.

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