And We Roll On

So here’s where we stand (well, I’m sitting. Standing and typing is less than easy. Just sayin’.)

Penny had some lovely scope work done, and there was indeedily-do inflammation in her girly pug bits. The inflammation is indeedily-do the result of a spay that didn’t quite cooperate. But (of course) Penny was ending the cycle when they went in snapping pictures, the vets decided it would be not terribly bright to do any surgery unless she was bleeding again full swing.  So we’re holding on till she’s bleeding again. The last thing we want is to do that twice.

Penny is not into the whole intubation with anesthesia deal (who is?) and was hacking badly. Vet recommended Robitussin DM. It works, by god. She hates it. I can’t blame her.

At the very least, it’s a pretty common thingamabob and an easy fix.

My doctor (or, the one that stood in for her) prescribed (at my suggestion, after gentle reminding by Mr. Shoe) an extra propranolol. Okay, so I don’t necessarily have any easier time staying asleep past four in the morning, but at least I wake up during the night, roll over, and don’t have my heart pound. And that’s been, actually, a pretty good thing.

I’m trying my damnedest to write at OStatic, but that’s not always been the easiest thing. And that pisses me off mightily. I’ve also been asked to join (and accepted) a spot on the Linux Journal Readers’ Advisory Panel. It’s pretty low key, but fun. I deserve to have fun, dammit.

You might notice (if you scrolled down that Advisory Panel page and saw my name. I’m the first “s” word) that I had a hair cut. That’s cause most of it fell out, but when it was trimmed and layered, it made it look a lot less manky and a lot fuller. It’s still falling out. Massively. But at least it’s a lot less noticeable.

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