Spit It Out, Girl!

Quick run down: My pituitary gland, stalk and sella are all where they ought to be. They refused to smile for the MRI. However, I think the endocrinologist is very tickled he’s got a weird one. I wish the hell it weren’t me, but at the very least, he’s okay with the fact that there’s weirdness, the results of the weirdness are reliably measurable, and the weirdness at least responds to the appropriate treatment plan. I know that central diabetes insipidus isn’t something that any specialists but endocrinologists (and some neurologists and nephrologists) deal with on any sort of regular basis, and that’s probably pretty variable depending on where they practice, but he has dealt with many diabetes insipidis patients (I’m guessing from both the neurological and nephrological areas) and I’m the second one (cough) — ever — he’s dealt with who had it develop without preceeding head trauma, brain surgery, or as a side effect of medication who also has no pituitary abnormalities.

So right now, because he was very emphatic about the fact he only looked at the pituitary/sella angle, and not at the other brain hotspot that can cause the problem (which, incidentally, tends to be the area of the brain that houses the command center for all the other parts of me that like to randomly break), I am idiopathic. Again, I’m the second idiot, um, idiopathic patient he’s had. He said (contrary to what I’ve read) that generally 10% of central diabetes insipidus cases are determined to be idiopathic, and that in some cases the cause eventually shows. The key is it’s something that doesn’t just happen all on its own.

In other news, dear Penny Glottis, the daisy duke sporting pug, gets to have a vaginoscoping! She’s oozing blood out of her girly pug parts. We don’t know why.

Do these make my butt look big?

The going theory is that a late in life spay (prior to adoption) meant that stray ovarian/endometrial tissue was left hanging around and now she’s oozing. She feels just fine (it’s clear, look, she’s wearing PANTIES and eating) and while she thinks other dogs are weird, they think she is just a divine smelling lady.

Heck, she is beyoutiful. And smaht.

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