Side Notes

I just took a photo of the most amusing slash disturbing (and it makes sense I wrote out slash, trust me) thing I’ve ever seen turn up on our front lawn. It’s somewhat heartening as an open source geek woman to see such a thing… and the fact that it is lying on our lawn is… I don’t know… ominous? A sad statement? A message for me? A message for Mattel?

What’s even better? I can’t post it at all at the moment. While we have zippy FIOS here in the house, it does slow the router a bit too much for me to upload photos to flickr while Mr. Shoe is doing a podcast with his little man friends (his friends are little, really. They play with little men. Oh, see, now… That just sounds dirty.)

So when it is up, it’ll be on my flickr stream. Oh hell. I am uploading the single image. I… I can’t see the point in posting this without it. What a tease. I’ll save the other three hundred bird photos for after he’s off the podcast.
How do I NOT Creative Commons License this?

I had to share. You can see other images that aren’t completely weird (only partially so) on my flickr stream.

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