Ear Exercise

A few thingies… I ended up having ye olde annual mammogram (finally) last week. I know for certain the tech has a horrible poker face, but since I also know I have a history of lumpy yet not suspicious boobs, I’m not 100% sure I’ll be called in for a second look (but if I am, I’ll report to the hospital, second floor radiology, and they’ll tell me by the time I walk out what to do next… Y’know. If things looked different.) Honestly, I don’t know. I do know that the mammogram place is usually slow as hell reading stuff, so the fact that it was almost a week now means not a whole lot.

Second thing is I’m kind of stuck. I mean, now we’re in the make this as painless as possible mode until the next thing comes. And I know this will be simultaneously too soon and not soon enough. So my stimulants are being increased slightly, and hopefully that’ll help a little.

I also went to my vestibular rehab evaluation. It went overtime, and I suck. Heh. My exercise this week is to not fall over. (Not exactly, but not far off… I was thrilled that the standing with my feet together and eyes closed exercise was too easy, but not so much that the standing heel to toe with my eyes closed exercise wasn’t. So I’ve been modified in between.) It seems I have the tendency to be falling towards the right. Have I seen a neurologist?

Yeah. Yes, yes, I have.

I’ve mentioned my really swelly left leg to a few doctors who either say, “Look at that!” or “I don’t see anything” or just make caveman noises. Both legs swell, my left is just… evil. Dr. J asked if I could wear the same size shoe on it… Sometimes. That day I saw him, yes. I guess it also has to do with my socks cut off the fluid from hitting my foot so it sticks in my calf… also not good. And the PT lady asked if I had told doctors, I said yes, and she told me to tell them again, please. And please keep telling them until they can give us an insight into it. I might be helped by compression socks if I am just a slightly asymmetrical sweller. If I’m not, then she doesn’t want compression socks doing… whatever it is they might do to my left swelly leg.

She did think I could be somewhat helped with the physical therapy, but there seemed to be peripheral vestibular damage and probably some central issues that may or may not be directly relational, but probably are screwing things up. It’s worth a shot.

At any rate, left heel to right toe, I’ve gotten a bit more dependable standing with my eyes closed. Right heel to left toe… um. I modified as instructed, but I still can’t quite get to the ten second mark even if my left toe is merely an inch or two behind my right toe. I just hope it works in some way… even if we just unravel where our points of damage might lie.

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