First, this is a quickie, mainly because… look, I don’t wanna. I have been playing with the camera when I can, though.

I see Dr. J this week to discuss what I haven’t told you all here. Mainly because… I have no clue what to say. My MRI of my vestibular system shows no reason why I am off, but the radiologist did notice and measure my pituitary growth (named Waldo) and I guess that my lovely stalk that holds the bastard Waldo in there is also involved (not unusual, but Crazy Eddie, the neuro who spotted it to start with — who incidentally is no crazier than anyone else on this frickin’ orb — didn’t think the stalk was involved.) As you recall, the first radiologists missed it entirely.

So we have a measurement, but damned if I know if it is any larger or anything, since really, no radiologist technically measured it. It wasn’t what they were looking for in particular, nor is it in the area they concentrated most on, and they spotted it, though, so it could be that the other radiologist sucked, this one is really awesome, or it is noticeable. This radiologist did compare to past MRIs at the hospital, and it was not there in 2005 (an electronic medical records system where information was easily transmitted across hospital networks would really rock. Hooray universal file formats. Right.)

So since my MRI in 2010 did have something on it, but it wasn’t done in town, the differences will be a little slower to pinpoint, if there are any. They have the disks in town, but not in the system. Dammit.


I do not have this kind of energy:
Robin, Pouncing


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