That Weird Limbo

I had to laugh… I saw my eye doctor last week, as I have this little thingamabob on my eyelid that he wanted to keep tabs on. I love mentioning that I’m seeing doctors in my current hospital network. Other doctors think the world of the doctors there, and then you tell them the affiliated network, and believe me when I say they really do throw up in their mouths a little.

He asked what the MRI showed when I told him about the central diabetes insipidus. I said I was still waiting for the MRI, you know… the central office at the network — And the eye doctor busts out with, “It’s not your problem that they can’t do their jobs in the central office! Hound them. You need to have the MRI.”

Incidentally, I had been hounding them. I came home to find the MRI had been scheduled for the next day. Hey now.

That was Friday. I guess I have a brain in there.

So now I sit here in that extremely weird state knowing that the water deprivation test was decidedly positive and incontrovertible. But that doesn’t mean the MRI will tell us why, or show anything at all. I sure as hell don’t want anything to be wrong, but — newsflash — something is very wrong. So I really hope that something shows up to at least give something to work with. No idea if that’s gonna work that way.

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