Intentionally Left Blank

It’s not necessarily that there’s nothing to say… I could say a lot of stuff, actually, but probably none is terribly appropriate without hearing the inflection and all that jazz.  Tomorrow I head up to Dana Farber… I originally didn’t have any blood work to do beforehand (there was a brief question the other night about that between Mr. Shoe and I, but after some digging, I found the actual print out of the appointment time, and yeah, no blood work.) Last night I got a call telling me that I did in fact have blood work in the shiny new Yawkey Center for Groovy Adult Cancers (okay, that isn’t what it’s called. But if you’re going to go talking about green buildings using atriums and rooftop gardens and all that lovely stuff, give it a snappy name. And groovy is about as hippy as you can sound without going completely maharishi on the deal). Actually, it sounds like it is kind of neat inside. And the older building really tried, but it was so stuffed to the gills with calming yet confidence inspiring colors, it was actually hard to tell where walls were and what signage was pointing to and if the hallway angled downward or if there was some weird ass forced perspective. You think I’m kidding, but seriously, have your balance thrown off at random intervals for some unknown reason enough, you notice these things.

Anyway, the new place allegedly has windows, which the waiting area in the old main campus building did not. This is a big deal. I mean, it was kind of impossible to put a window in the place because who the hell wants to look at the ambulances coming in to the other hospitals, but that was one big reason why I preferred the Faulkner offices… It overlooked trees and the trees had big birds in them and the parking garage had cat nip planted all around and occasionally you’d find a really intoxicated kitty rolling around in the mulch.

Anyway, I didn’t have blood work, now I do. I am guessing that might have something to do with my visits last week. No idea what this’ll be like, but I guess I get to find out.

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