I’m in Ur Hozzpidal Breakin’ Ur Stuff

Care and compassion aside, I realize that too many trips to certain hospitals in a short period tends to make me feel… well, animosity towards the institution. So Monday I spent what was actually a relatively short amount of time in Brigham and Women’s ER… And truth be told, the Brigham does have pretty damn good ER staff. They are always pushed to the limit, of course… The other night was actually just stunning in terms of volume. It was a visit that was made a little easier because (holy friggin’ a!) the system worked. My sweet GP who is not a doctor in the Brigham/Dana Farber network called DFCI, and then the Brigham ER, and then the nurse practitioner for my oncologist followed up to make sure that they knew I’d be rolling in… and, if I were admitted, the nurse practitioner would know where to find me. So I got there, was pre-registered, and… well, still had to wait, of course, because there were people in a lot worse shape than I was (and there were people in a lot better shape… they also are the ones that bitch the most about waiting, I’ve noticed).  But it was smooth, it worked, and for something that seriously sucks horrible amounts of ass, it was nicely handled and I can’t complain.

Today I had my as-scheduled last week (at the Brigham, ahem) CT scan of my temporal bone.  We were slow this morning. I don’t know why. Well, yeah, I do. Mr. Shoe had school last night, and then he did some stuff and he said he’d set the alarm for six, and it went off at six… and you know, if you live just outside Boston and need to be somewhere at 8:30 in town, you need to leave the friggin’ house at six. There’s this traffic thing.

At 8:35 we find a spot in the garage, which is covered, of course, but it is above ground and so the wind and snow and rain blow in and it was icy in the actual garage. A lady was giving a statement to a cop about how she hit the pole in the garage as we waited for the elevator. We didn’t hit anything, but Mr. Shoe claimed he could see where the ice was… no, he can’t, but at least he can regain footing pretty easily.

We get into the hospital, make our way toward where ever this CT machine was hidden (way off) and run into a crowd of… medical sheeple. Then we got closer and heard it. Evidently somewhere in the middle of the hospital a fire alarm was triggered. No idea if there was a  fire, or smoke, or a faulty switch or what… But it actually ended up making us not so late, since it wasn’t like we could get past the security guys.

I went in to the CT, managed to hit a stray head brace/cage combination with my jacket and have it smash all on the floor (it bounced off the chair I had my Kindle on). The nice tech said not to worry about it. I wasn’t really worried about the brace. Just sayin’.  My Kindle was okay.

Then, ten minutes later, I was done. I have had enough of the Brigham for the next month, kids. Thank you. The nice tech asked if I had an appointment with this doctor today, and thankfully I did not. I suppose they prioritize reading. That, and what they look at in the temporal/mastoid CTs looks kind of like a pain to examine. I’d save it for the dude on the next shift. Hey.

In other news, my sweet GP is just… sweet.  It sucks that I have to go through this, and she has to go through this with us, but it is nice to know that she’s there to help coordinate all the now very appropriate medical ducky professionals I have on my side.

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