Aw, Screw It…

Sometimes I mean to come and update and then I just think… It was so damn hard to click the trackpad button that now I don’t feel like writing anything. And the only exaggeration there might b that sometimes it takes a lot less for me to say the hell with it.

Despite the badly timed snowfall, all parties showed up at the ENT appointment today bright and early.  Of course, there could be any number of things causing some of the problems I have in the area that could be directly or peripherally related to the larger histiocytosis picture (as in… I could have bone issues in the middle ear which would be a direct result of the process, or I could have weird swelling and irritation all around due to chronic dehydration thanks to inflammation and diabetes insipidus…)

The gist was we’re looking to see that nothing is there that is leaving a hole (or presumably growing, I guess, but she didn’t feel anything too exciting). In the grand scheme of things, my eardrums aren’t so scarred, and my salivary glands and stuff didn’t feel enlarged freakishly. So I’m getting a CT of my skull and face and ear and jaw regions, and a test for vestibular/balance function and hearing much later on. I am hoping they can find something that might explain something and I can avoid the balance testing, as it sounds like the friggin epitome of suckassiness… and truthfully, all things considered, I still kind of question the worth if they don’t, since…. you know.

A question, dear reader: When the doctor pulls on your tongue and says to say “eeeee” and then takes her mirror and stares way down into your throat and tells you to breathe (while you are still eeee-ing), what would you do? I suggest you don’t try to ask her what the hell she thinks you were doing to make the sound pass out of your diaphragm to start with, because you’ll gag on her mirror… I mean… My god, I am breathing, right? Where is the sound coming from then? Is this something like a zombie moan? I’m undead, but screaming for brains? I gather what was meant now was to actually inhale.

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