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I have indeed been meaning to update more (and I did get a little page up earlier), but the sad fact is, I look better than I feel, and man, I look kinda ass like today. I kinda have for a little bit. See?

I look like hell

Like, do I have a ginormous gumball stuck in my cheek? It isn’t the dreaded moon face… or if it is, I’m waxing on one side and waning on the other and not actually gaining weight. Do I have mumps? And don’t ask about the ooze. Ooze.

Of course, I used the awesome portrait macro lens that Mr. Shoe got me for Christmas. It is a great lens, but it is a heavy little bastard and I don’t trust the old freebie tripod we have to support it… so it ain’t the best angle.

I did however do the massive nerd girl thing and get a monopod. It’s a stick. It’s a stick you use to steady yourself when taking pictures, and it’s easier to adjust than a tripod, and therefore a lot easier to use when you have complete ADD and like to take pictures of that and that and that and that. It’s also a hefty stick that can be used as a walking stick, or a weapon. And while that’s lovely, it’s not complete without a good supportive head positioning system (which is where the freebie tripod failed — and isn’t interchangeable, alas). So I got this ball mount tilt head that supports eight pounds, locks in place, and I actually think I’m in love with this crazy little tripod attachment.

Because it’s easier to take pictures of stuff that doesn’t look like hell if you aren’t wobbling at low shutter speeds.

Penny is Stylin'

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