The Best Laid Plans…

I’ve been trying to get some stuff up here, but alas, it seems like I either have some massive technical issues pop up, or my attention gets lured away. I also wish I could say I felt better in any real significant way, but beyond the initial stuff that prednisone does (mainly, wake you up some) there’s… not much. I seem to have trouble actually eating (I know, I know. I don’t understand either) and the other stuff going on is the stuff that is just me, I know, and not a result of anything I’m currently taking. I’m surprised and sort of thankful for the prilosec stuff, though. I think I was having larger issues there previously than I had realized. Go figure.

We’re working at it, but I had strongly suspected long before this point that prednisone would help, but not be a real long term solution. Or even a particularly good singular patch up… So we’ll see what happens in a couple weeks.

Meanwhile, I’m lifting weights. See?

Me and my cylindrical daughter

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One Response to The Best Laid Plans…

  1. Momshoe says:

    Yes, I think I’ll do a little more weight lifting in 2011.
    Odie, Faith, an’ a one, an’ a two
    10 repetitions – then eat something!

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