In the Meantime

The Essence of the Glottis

Even though we’re not hosting anything for the holidays and any reprieve from anything lately has been spent catching up on all that stuff I should have done three years ago, it’s always good to remember to temper the “have tos” with some fun stuff.

So Mr. Shoe and I opened presents on Wednesday. Oh, can it. We’re grown ups. And it was fun. Mr. Shoe was sweet and got me a nifty Tamron 60mm macro lens, which ensured I had to make sure both “have tos” and fun stuff got done.

Penny is unimpressed. She also has a very lovely glottis.

Re-working the site further will probably be something that happens later next week, but the behind the scenes juggling both online and in real life is almost where I’d want in terms of “absolutely has to get done.” That’s good, because if I waited on some stuff I was sort of afraid I’d be screwing up other people’s workflow.

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