About Face (Crash Crash Crash)

Forgive my shortness, but I need to share this. I know why I actually liked the idea of lymphoma. Why? Because sometimes it just kinda sucks to be a special little snowflake. Like, when it comes to health.

Guess who is light and fluffy and frosty good? Thas right… Thas right.

So do you know what looks like lymphoma, except when you look close under a microscope with stains and stuff? Langerhan’s cell histiocytosis. Yeah. It didn’t seem likely to start with because… well, even though the quirkies were really pretty LCH quirkilicious, even in a zoo full of odd animals there are some you see more than others.

Not everyone has a duck billed platypus. But sometimes, you go to castrate the zebra, and there’s the damned duck billed platypus.

Starting with a conservative steroid course, and seeing where that takes us. And no matter what it should do… there’s the watching. Because duck billed platypuses come, go, divide, conquer and sometimes evolve.

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