Behind a Rolling Gurney Comes a Running Nurse

So anyway, I now own half an ass. Actually, it really was pretty much down in my hip, towards my ass. The orthopedic oncologist (who is a surgeon – put the man in scrubs and an OR, and he finally acts natural) decided a fish hook technique to mark area would be best… I guess they usually use it on boobies. It limits the size of the excision. So I guess it’s only a three or four incher. 

The rough bit was it is usually used on boobies, and the wire markers dislodge easily, so I had two wires in my hip for the hour or two leading up to surgery and I was not to move, or be moved. And then I was quizzed on why that was (but that’s not a booby!) by a few nurses.

Tumor looked consistent with what core showed at least superficially (b-cells) and so I am getting the distinct impression we have confirmed the strongly suspected lymphoma and now just need to start staining and typing and classifying. That’s actually good news, because… that far in, if it ain’t scar tissue or whatever, lymphoma is probably one of the better case scenarios you can get saddled with.

But bedtime now. Zzzz.

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