I Owe Ya One.

I suppose, anyway, I ought to update. While Meclizine helps some with refresh-rate related vertigo, and I can generally get a little bit done before the wrists start screaming with typing, it’s pretty limited — and as always, the constant part of my little issue here is that it’s completely random.

Mostly. While I wish I didn’t have to drink huge amounts of water to keep from losing my vision and passing out, I do — and I realize now that if I drink something right when the vague almost indetectable uncomfortable stuff starts, I feel better for a longer haul during the day and generally the stuff that I can do becomes a little easier and more successful. The bad news is, that keeps me tethered to a water supply and latrine. I mean, I have a drink in my hand, or I am in the girl’s room (well, okay, I don’t get out much, and the bathroom in the house is pretty gender neutral). It’s not a good arrangement on a few levels, I am very well aware.  But if no one is taking action on fixing this crap, I’m going to sit here and feel okay if I have to sit here and have any choice in the matter. I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. I’m not going all Denzel in John Q. or anything, but demands, I has dem. Like… there’s a lot of trial and error in treating this stuff. But we neither have trials nor errors if we don’t actually do something. So get moving. I do not expect a miracle, and I’m very well aware there may not even be any real success in treating anything more than we have. But I expect that the medical profession should meet me at least a quarter of the way, and at least make a freakin’ effort.

The tolerance level for lazy and fear of failure is low to the point of non-existence. The tolerance level for failed, honest to god attempts and experiments that didn’t quite work as hoped is, however, through the roof. It might not get better, fine (I think it can, though), but that’s going to be easier to deal with if we actually take a shot at any viable options.

All right, and I’m out for now. Wrist and refresh critical capacity reached, and I need to recycle this bottle and visit my friend from Tidy Bowl.

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