Incidents and Accidents, Hints, Allegations (You Can Call Her Penny)

Don’t tell anyone… My pug is my BFF. Why? Damned if I know. She is a cylindrical, tyrannical, obstinate, prone to snittiness toddler. And she thinks mama is awesome. Even if she’s pulling the snitty I don’t think mama’s awesome act, it’s pretty clear she forgets two seconds later and I’m awesome again.

So on Friday the 29th I’m getting my left ass cheek repoked. I knew that as of last Friday. As I think about it more, I think it’s pretty damn clear that I wasn’t really meant to choose whether or not it was re-biopsied, but it’s nicer conceptually to make patients feel like they have a choice. I don’t think he expected me to choose the CT option, and, er… Well, pretty damn passive aggressive, eh?

I see the doctor at DFCI next Tuesday, just to ask what the frig… And maybe have stuff in place to start up as soon as the ass cheek is poked.

What I do know now… Not scar tissue, as yet. What they saw could be becoming scar tissue — essentially it is all connective tissue stuff that is made up of fibrin and fibrinous cells… So it could be that it’s a hematoma (or basically a deep bruise… I mean, it’s more on my hip than ass cheek, so I guess it is possible, since my hips suck) that’s taking some time to heal, or a case of these fibrin cells bonding with platelets for other reasons… And if that’s the case, we probably do want to know why. In the first case, that’s fine. In the second case… um, we want to know why, cause it really shouldn’t.

Anything else going on here? Not a whole hell of a lot. The Nobel Committee called again, of course. Penny got a repeat prize in pretty and smart.

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