Srsly? WTF?

I will never learn. See, I know better than to say things along the lines of “this can’t possibly get much worse” or “something has to give” at this point because it always can get worse, and when things do give, they never give quite like you’d expect. So I probably should have known better than to say “if I had to do it over again…” about the biopsy.

Because now I get to do it over again. Whee!

And yes, 27 friggin’ samples, including 11 cores, and…  um, it’s hard to tell exactly. I know the samples were good (I asked yesterday… was it a collecting/mounting/preserving glitch. Apparently, no.)  Pathology is pretty damn subjective (if you’ve ever worked in a pet store and had to do water tests on people’s aquariums you know what I mean… C’mon, that’s sometimes unclear, and you’re just comparing the color of the water in the test tube to the colors on a little chart. And pregnancy tests might be easy read, but not if there’s eight more blue lines that the instructions say there should be.) And the pathologists are looking at cells under microscopes that they have to determine if they’re normal or just slightly atypical or downright abnormal or straight out “holy crap, that’s not human!” Then they have to explain why and back it up, because really a lot depends on it.

So the growth itself is made of some fibrous connective tissue, which apparently didn’t look like it was going to kill me in the next six months, but didn’t reveal a whole lot about why it was there — and, as the orthopedic doctor said, it really shouldn’t be there in the first place — and so they can’t say for sure that it’s necessarily benign. It could be scarring from an old hematoma, but… they couldn’t really tell given what they had.

My three options were a repeat biopsy, an excisional biopsy (no, thanks. I like to be mobile), or just watch it. I wanted to just watch it. I mean, hell, I’m getting scanned all the time anyway, and so a three month CT… Big deal. And, uh, it was indirectly kind of suggested by the orthopedic doctor that he’d maybe do the biopsy if he were in my shoes.  So I don’t know if there was some disagreement as to what was seen, or the stuff seen in the tumor was just kind of conflicting or vague enough that a little more information is warranted. So here we go again.

I made an appointment with the doctor at DFCI as well. The orthopedic doctor said he didn’t see that starting to deal with this in a conservative way (which isn’t conservative at all, but it isn’t blazing guns madness either) would affect the biopsy sample should it be started before the procedure is repeated. Since the appointment at DFCI is two weeks away, it probably won’t matter much anyway. I gather that needing clarification is not unusual, really, here, and since we weren’t sure a biopsy was going to to be warranted to start with, maybe there is a chance this will at least clinch once and for all what that little bastard in my left ass cheek is, even if it is something that’s not directly relational to anything else… It shouldn’t be there, but since it is, it’d be reasonable to expect that we could figure out why, especially if the reason is pretty damn tame. But there can be lots of variable cells in a one inch or so area of growth.

Pain in the ass. Still beats the needle in the eye socket single fiber EMG and definitely beats the hell out of the water deprivation test, though, when it comes to it.

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