Look at the Birdie!

Sometimes I feel obliged to say something.  Like, right now, for instance. I am just waiting till tomorrow when maybe I’ll know something more about what they punched out of my muscles, and whether it explains anything. some things, or nothing at all. Since there’s really not a best or worst case scenario, what’s been the crappy part is just waiting And the lack of phone calls from the doctor means nothing, incidentally.  He was very clear on the fact he isn’t calling with news either way, and I wouldn’t be able to drag it out of them (truthfully, I’d like to call today and ask if the results are back in detail enough so that I know whether I’ll just be going in for naught…But at this point, I’m pretty sure any preliminary/intermediate testing is done enough that if reflexive longer testing is needed, I’ll at least know that much). And while it does matter, at least I’ll know why it matters.

At any rate, I did get a call Thursday late afternoon returning the voice mail I left at my GP’s office about whether I needed another referral for this next orthopedic oncologist’s appointment (the one tomorrow, yes). The interesting thing is I haven’t called since the middle of September, and I haven’t left a message since they moved to the new office… Of course, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise as I was told what I knew anyway (which is I have six visits off one referral) and I was kinda just thinking… “But I never left a voice mail, dammit.”  So no idea who at the Brigham called them or whether or not they ever really got the information. Hooray!

So in the meantime, look at the birdie. It’s easier this way.


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