Rowr. Or Not.

Just to clarify, if you all want to send me an email or such, I will answer and all that… And I’ll probably send some to people here and there anyhoo. It’s just that there’s stuff lots of people might want to be updated on in my world that’s better off with a “blanket distribution” approach, because I really can’t do more than an email or so a day.

This is also about all you’re getting out of me today, because that’s sort of all I can manage. Case in point, I didn’t log in here to just make the above statement… but damned if I remember what the hell I logged in here to do primarily. I hate it when that happens. At any rate, don’t feel like I don’t want to hear from anyone personally via email. Just know that even though my response might seem as though it came from a developmentally delayed fiddler crab walking across my keyboard, it a) didn’t and b) is appreciated and welcomed.

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