Dumb, or Obstinate?

Quickie one for anyone who hasn’t heard the latest: My left ass cheek has a new hole. Actually, it’s more my hip, low. And it’s a small hole. And it doesn’t hurt. But if you can tear your inner glutes, this is what it must feel like.

Not bad… done with lidocaine. I had the option of the conscious sedation, which is that stuff that I imagine helps a bit with tensing muscles, but not so with pain longer term – and it is great with longer term dopiness. I hate dopiness. I am already a dope. So I refused it. I signed the consent sheet, but told them I would rather not.

Okay, an hour and a half and twenty seven (yes, twenty fricking seven) samples (core, fine needle, smears, etc.) later, I still refused it. Truth is, it was gonna be uncomfortable no matter what. No sedation means faster trip through recovery room, and less hangover. That means a lot of awesome for some misery when I would have been miseried up anyway.

I also think the nurses are wondering whether I have steel ovaries or am just plain pig headed, because I am not sure they see people do that so often and actually succeed. I was officially called a “hall of famer” and “one of THEM” by the same nurse. 

So we let pathology play with twenty seven cheek samples for a bit. Have fun dudes.

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